Beginning Weaving Class Offered April-May 2022

Instructor- Diane Crowder

Weaving has enjoyed a great renaissance over the last 50 years, and the pleasure of producing beautiful handwoven fabric is only matched by the creativity sparked by the combination of weaves, colors and textures you can imagine.  In this course you will learn:

  • Basic concepts of weaving and weaving terms.
  • How to plan a project and calculate yarn amounts to complete it.
  • How a loom works and what each part does.
  • How to make a warp and put it on the loom efficiently.
  • How to weave a plainweave item.  Students will complete a table runner or scarf during the class.
  • How to finish a weaving and the effect of wet finishing on yarns.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of rigid heddle and harness looms, and what to consider when purchasing a loom.
  • Resources for further learning.

The class will be taught over 3 days. Day 1 will cover the first three subjects  and participants will plan their project, select warp yarns (included), and get information for purchasing weft yarns for their project.  I will also have weft yarns available for purchase if needed. Day 2 we will wind warps, thread the looms and begin weaving.  Students will take looms home and have 2 weeks to weave.  Day 3 we will take the weavings off the looms and wet finish them.  Discussion of purchasing looms and further projects. Days 1 & 2 we will meet 9-3 and lunch will be provided.  Day 3 we will meet 9-12.  All classes are at my home studio in Sunrise Beach, MO (Lake of the Ozarks).

I will have 4 looms available for use, or you can bring your own table loom.  Class is limited to 4 people.  Students will receive copious handouts on all aspects of the weaving process, as well as weaving terminology, yarn calculation worksheets, project record forms, and a bibliography of print and on-line resources.  Cost: $150 for the class, plus any materials you purchase from me. I am happy to work out easy payment plans

I have been weaving semi-professionally since 1994, and have participated in many shows in Iowa and Missouri. I am a certified Master Weaver (Handweavers Guild of America).  I have taught a number of workshops for beginning and intermediate weavers, including lace weaves, tapestry, and weft effects on a rigid heddle loom. I love teaching others to weave, and look forward to working with you.

Dates for this class are Apr.30, May 7, and May 21. E-mail me at, or call (573) 374-1063 to reserve your space. 


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