Diane Crowder Designs/ Crane Cove Creations

Welcome to my Home Page!

Diane Crowder Designs is my Web blog, while Crane Cove Creations is the name of my shop on Etsy, where you can purchase completed hand woven and hand made accessories, garments, home decor, and other fine products.  I have been weaving since 1992, and working in fiber arts full-time since 2012.  I have shown my work at art fairs in the Midwest, and two works appeared in a special exhibit at the 2014 biannual Convergence meeting of the Handweavers Guild of America, which awarded me its Certificate of Excellence in Weaving in 2012. I was certified as a Master Weaver by the HGA in 2016 upon completion of a thesis on weaving clothing for plus-size women and submission of 5 master piece weavings illustrating my thesis. I have taught workshops on various topics, and taken many workshops from renowned fiber artists.  As a retired professor of French and Women’s Studies, I prize teaching and learning, and strive to improve my skills with every project.  I pride myself on producing high quality weaving using the best materials available.  Every item is hand made by me from beginning to end.  Browse my posts for weaving plans, how to make weaving-related tools and furnishings, and miscellaneous musings on the fiber arts.

 Homage to Monet IV: Water Lilies Wrap

Homage to Monet IV: Water Lilies Wrap

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